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The internet provides mankind with an abundance of information. Though the quality and accuracy may leave much to be desired, when used properly you may end up with pretty interesting stuff.
So my hopes weren't very high when searching for any information regarding actress Ulrike Butz, in my humble opinion the undisputed queen of German sexploitation. Yet, even with such low expectations, what I did find was utterly disappointing: an almost blank profile on IMDb (save a filmography) and a couple of small pictures from the films she starred in. That's it. No date or place of birth, no biographical information of any kind, no interviews, no candid pictures, no film reviews elaborating on her career or personal life.
I extended my search and was able to buy some more films, movie memorabilia and more interestingly, a few magazines that included unique pictures and interviews. Although I wouldn't exactly describe nudie- and tabloid magazines as trustworthy sources.

So this is my last resort. This blog is purely intended as a communication platform that will hopefully lead to more information.
Should you, dear reader, be in possession of any bit of information regarding Ulrike, I would greatly appreciate you sharing it with me, and with that the whole world, so I can ultimately change this blog's title to something along the lines of "The Ultimate And Only Source On The Net For All Things Ulrike". Together, maybe we can fill a huge overlooked hole in the world wide web.
To increase the chance at any kind of success with this obvious long shot, I will post whatever I already DO know, along with pictures and anything else that may trigger someone else's memory or interest.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Bunny Ulrike

Since Easter is coming up, I figured it's time for some bunny pictures.
So here is Playboy's portrayal of Ulrike Butz, as it was released in Germany in February 1974.  Luckily, Photoshop wasn't around back then to smudge natural beauties into pseudo Barbie dolls.



alicia said...

would like to put your article in taringa to help more people in Latin America Meet the beautiful Ulrika Butz

PeGo said...

Hi alicia,
feel free to copy any of my writings or pictures, but please mention this site as your reference:

alicia said...
forgot this is the blog where I found ulrike did not know but I get the link to my mail so I know
Peru reached a very few German films and on television in the 80's there was a series of Italian films but the 70,

alicia said...


PeGo said...

Thanks for spreading the word! The more people find out about this place, the greater the chance of finding out more about Ulrike.