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The internet provides mankind with an abundance of information. Though the quality and accuracy may leave much to be desired, when used properly you may end up with pretty interesting stuff.
So my hopes weren't very high when searching for any information regarding actress Ulrike Butz, in my humble opinion the undisputed queen of German sexploitation. Yet, even with such low expectations, what I did find was utterly disappointing: an almost blank profile on IMDb (save a filmography) and a couple of small pictures from the films she starred in. That's it. No date or place of birth, no biographical information of any kind, no interviews, no candid pictures, no film reviews elaborating on her career or personal life.
I extended my search and was able to buy some more films, movie memorabilia and more interestingly, a few magazines that included unique pictures and interviews. Although I wouldn't exactly describe nudie- and tabloid magazines as trustworthy sources.

So this is my last resort. This blog is purely intended as a communication platform that will hopefully lead to more information.
Should you, dear reader, be in possession of any bit of information regarding Ulrike, I would greatly appreciate you sharing it with me, and with that the whole world, so I can ultimately change this blog's title to something along the lines of "The Ultimate And Only Source On The Net For All Things Ulrike". Together, maybe we can fill a huge overlooked hole in the world wide web.
To increase the chance at any kind of success with this obvious long shot, I will post whatever I already DO know, along with pictures and anything else that may trigger someone else's memory or interest.

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Story - update #2

Ulrike Butz was born on 1st July 1954 in Frankfurt am Main.  She was raised in Miesbach, Bayern (Bavaria) by her parents Hermann and Ingeborg.  As a teenager she left home to travel through Southern Europe and ended up in München (Munich) where she first stood naked in front of a camera at the tender age of seventeen.

After her father had found out about her dubious career and drug addiction, he tracked his daughter down and selflessly provided her with everything she needed to kick her destructive habit, including a nice apartment and opportunities to broaden her education.
Because she continued to relapse after several stays in rehab facilities, he even changed his will, making sure Ulrike would only become a beneficiary if she successfully could remain clean and sober for at least a whole year.

Desolately, when Hermann Butz died in 1976 of a stroke at the early age of 54, Ulrike was doing time in jail on theft charges.
When she was released six months later, she regretted having let down her father and tried desperately to change her ways.
Either she was too weak, or the lure of the high was too strong, because in September 1979 she was arrested again for carrying pot.

Closing the Aichach prison doors behind her six months later, she was greeted by an old friend.  Together they tried to make ends meat through cleaning chores and waiting on tables.  While their humble home consisted of a tiny room with just the bare necessities, the upside was that Ulrike maintained sobriety throughout.
This relationship would even spawn a baby boy.

Ulrike in 1980, finally able to smile again.

In 1981, she did legally inherit a large sum of money from her father's estate, which she partly used to set up her own costume rental shop in Neuhausen, a business that ultimately did not survive.

The proud owner of a costume rental store.

In early 1988, it is believed a then 33-year-old Ulrike was spotted by an old acquaintance, standing in line at the welfare office in München.

Ulrike Butz died on 27th August 2000, at the age of 46.

Here you can find the initial biography and update #1.
Ulrike's IMDb page has also been updated in light of these new findings.
Official city archive records
Neue Revue, July 1980
AZ, May 1988

A huge thanks goes to Michael Rüdel for providing me with lots of leads and information.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the work and dedication you have obviously put into this blog. After all these years it is sad to find out how her life really was lived. I only saw Ulrike in softcore movies in British cinemas, but she is the one I can still remember for her beauty and screen presence.

PeGo said...

Thanks for your comments - you've captured my own sentiments rather well.
However, I must emphasize that there are still plenty of holes and inconsistencies in the stories I displayed so far. It's a continuous struggle trying to filter out the inaccuracies and blatant lies.
There is progress however, so stay tuned...

Tian1806 said...

Did you know where the grave from Ulrike Butz is??

PeGo said...

At this time, I have no idea...

Anonymous said...

How did she die?

PeGo said...

At this time, I still have no idea...

Anonymous said...

Really appreciate your attempt to find out more about her life. Can't imagine how much trouble it is to do all this research. Thanks.

PeGo said...

Thanks for the kind words and support!