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The internet provides mankind with an abundance of information. Though the quality and accuracy may leave much to be desired, when used properly you may end up with pretty interesting stuff.
So my hopes weren't very high when searching for any information regarding actress Ulrike Butz, in my humble opinion the undisputed queen of German sexploitation. Yet, even with such low expectations, what I did find was utterly disappointing: an almost blank profile on IMDb (save a filmography) and a couple of small pictures from the films she starred in. That's it. No date or place of birth, no biographical information of any kind, no interviews, no candid pictures, no film reviews elaborating on her career or personal life.
I extended my search and was able to buy some more films, movie memorabilia and more interestingly, a few magazines that included unique pictures and interviews. Although I wouldn't exactly describe nudie- and tabloid magazines as trustworthy sources.

So this is my last resort. This blog is purely intended as a communication platform that will hopefully lead to more information.
Should you, dear reader, be in possession of any bit of information regarding Ulrike, I would greatly appreciate you sharing it with me, and with that the whole world, so I can ultimately change this blog's title to something along the lines of "The Ultimate And Only Source On The Net For All Things Ulrike". Together, maybe we can fill a huge overlooked hole in the world wide web.
To increase the chance at any kind of success with this obvious long shot, I will post whatever I already DO know, along with pictures and anything else that may trigger someone else's memory or interest.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

"Speedball" uses Ulrike's life as a template

I'm very pleased to see more people are becoming aware of Ulrike's life and career and are in some way inspired by it.

Compagnie de Comédie will put on a stage play titled "Speedball - Vom Leinwandstrip zum Drogentrip" premiering on 04-09-2014 in Rostock.
Director Fabian Ranglack informed me that this play is (very loosely) based on the life and career of Ulrike Butz.

From the press release:
"Ulrike Butz, one of the most wanted actresses in the German sexfilmindustry of the early seventies, died in 2000 at the age of 46.
She, the pretty girl from next door, who had high ambitions and dreamed of the big breakthrough when she left her parents house at 17, has become a tragic symbol of a filmindustry that shamelessly used the dreams of young girls for moneymaking purposes.
But SPEEDBALL is no biography of Ulrike Butz, neither a portait of the early seventies. It is simply the story of a young girl who went out into the world to become famous - at any cost ...  This year she would have celebrated her 60th birthday.

Eins hat Daria Elena Hasse, die die Rolle der Ulrike übernimmt, mit ihrer darzustellenden Figur gemein: Sie kennt den nervenaufreibenden Kampf eine anerkannte Schauspielerin zu werden: Das Tingeln von Schauspielschule zu Schauspielschule, die Castings, die Selbstzweifel ... Die 19jährige hat bei der Compagnie de Comédie ihr freies kulturelles Jahr absolviert und stellt mit dieser Inszenierung ihre Abschlussarbeit vor."

Contact details:
Tel.: 0381 / 20 36 084

Monday, August 25, 2014

"Kumpelfilme" book features Ulrike

Author Martin Hentschel informed me that his latest book "Lass jucken! Die Kumpelfilme der 1970er" is on sale now.  Not only is Ulrike featured on the cover, there is a chapter devoted to her as well!
As I haven't read it yet, it's too early for any comments, although it's nice to see her being acknowledged.


Taschenbuch: 364 Seiten
Verlag: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; Auflage: 1 (16. August 2014)
Sprache: Deutsch
Grösse: 20,3 x 13,3 x 1,9 cm

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Ulrike Butz: the exhibition

During the 32nd Filmfestival in Munich, a gorgeous and colorful exhibition celebrating Ulrike Butz's career took place at the City Kino cinema from 27th June to 5th July.
On display were various original film posters, lobby cards and magazine article clippings.

I'm forever grateful to Michael M. Rüdel for organizing and executing this amazing concept – another giant leap forward in educating and exposing the general public to a somewhat forgotten era and star actress, who would've turned 60 earlier this month.
My sincerest thanks goes out to everyone who contributed in making this heart-warming tribute a reality.


All pictures courtesy of Ulrich Karrenbach
Concept and realization by Michael M. Rüdel

Monday, March 31, 2014

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

"Muschimaus" arrives on DVD! Soon!

Apparently there is now an official release date for the long-awaited "Muschimaus mag's grad heraus" DVD: 28th March 2014!

You can (and should) pre-order it on Amazon here.
The FSK 18 rating is great news, as it will very likely be complete and uncut.

Darsteller: Ulrike Butz, Josef Moosholzer
Regisseur(e): Hubert Frank
Format: Dolby, PAL, Surround Sound, Widescreen
Sprache: Deutsch (Dolby Digital 2.0)
Bildseitenformat: 16:9 - 1.66:1
Anzahl Disks: 1
FSK: Freigegeben ab 18 Jahren
Studio: TB Comedy Productions (Intergroove)
Erscheinungstermin: 28. März 2014
Produktionsjahr: 1974
Spieldauer: 90 Minuten

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Due to the lack of any news I haven't posted in quite a while, so I thought I'd share some recent additions to my personal collection.

This is a rare Belgian poster of "Oktoberfest! Da kann man
fest...".  Notice the advisory statement declaring no one under
18 years of age will be admitted, a rating which at that time
was exclusive to hardcore porn films or extreme exploitation
flicks like "Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS".