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The internet provides mankind with an abundance of information. Though the quality and accuracy may leave much to be desired, when used properly you may end up with pretty interesting stuff.
So my hopes weren't very high when searching for any information regarding actress Ulrike Butz, in my humble opinion the undisputed queen of German sexploitation. Yet, even with such low expectations, what I did find was utterly disappointing: an almost blank profile on IMDb (save a filmography) and a couple of small pictures from the films she starred in. That's it. No date or place of birth, no biographical information of any kind, no interviews, no candid pictures, no film reviews elaborating on her career or personal life.
I extended my search and was able to buy some more films, movie memorabilia and more interestingly, a few magazines that included unique pictures and interviews. Although I wouldn't exactly describe nudie- and tabloid magazines as trustworthy sources.

So this is my last resort. This blog is purely intended as a communication platform that will hopefully lead to more information.
Should you, dear reader, be in possession of any bit of information regarding Ulrike, I would greatly appreciate you sharing it with me, and with that the whole world, so I can ultimately change this blog's title to something along the lines of "The Ultimate And Only Source On The Net For All Things Ulrike". Together, maybe we can fill a huge overlooked hole in the world wide web.
To increase the chance at any kind of success with this obvious long shot, I will post whatever I already DO know, along with pictures and anything else that may trigger someone else's memory or interest.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Story - update #3 : A Life in Pictures

Ulrike Butz was born in Miesbach (the Southern part of Bavaria) where she grew up in this house:
When she was 11 years old, her family moved less than 2 miles North, to a more secluded area nearby a huge lake:
After her parents divorced, Ulrike stayed with her mother, as she and her boyfriend at the time rented this beautiful home around 1969:
I was fortunate enough to talk to the owner, who built this house himself.
He remembered renting it out to the Butz family and claimed they only lived there for about a year or two.
Sadly, the owner can't remember any particular stories and doesn't have any photographs depicting Ulrike, yet he does recall the house always being filled with free-spirited folks, hanging out in their bathing suits and bikinis, having a good time. 
He also learned through the neigborhood grapevine (a very small community) that Ulrike was making films of a sexy nature, meaning she was already acting before moving to Munich on her own!
So apparently she didn't just run away without any kind of plan or prospects, as implied in 'The Story'.
He confirmed Ulrike's mother is no longer alive, but has no information regarding her siblings.
                                                - - - - - - - O - - - - - - -
Very likely, one of these early films she made while still living at home was "Die dressierte Frau" (1972) which was shot in Munich.  More precisely here:
And some more:
This area around Munich's Nikolaiplatz was frequently used in other films which starred Ulrike:
"Liebe in 3 Dimensionen" (1973) co-starring Ingrid Steeger.
"Mädchen, die nach München kommen" (1972) co-starring Christina Lindberg
Speaking of "Mädchen, die nach München kommen", here is another location from that film:
                                                - - - - - - - O - - - - - - -
In 2000 Ulrike passed away and her remains were cremated here:
Her ashes were scattered anonymously on these grounds, so there is no marked grave. 
Only dust.
Locations from "Die dressierte Frau" were provided by ulrikebutz-club blogspot.
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